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Where we ensure your child gets the individualized support they need.

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Our Approach and our Expertise Equips us Perfectly to Help Children With A Variety of Learning Difficulties

Our comprehensive approach combines the latest insights in child psychology with evidence-based strategies to address a variety of learning difficulties.


At SquarePegs, we understand that every child is unique, and so are the learning difficulties they face. We make our approach highly dynamic with individualized educational plans tailored and administered to support and nurture the children based on their individual strengths.

The Types of Learning Disabilities We Work With

We help children with a variety of learning and cognitive difficulties.

But it is also equally important that parents know about the type of difficulty their child has and understand how it is affecting the child, to support them accordingly outside of therapy.


Dyslexia is a common learning disability that affects the way individuals read, write, and spell. While it's not related to intelligence, dyslexia can present challenges in academic and everyday life.


It's a neurological condition that primarily affects the processing of language-related information. 

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The Educational Services We Offer

Where potential meets tailored support to bring out the best of your child.

At SquarePegs, we specialize in child psychology and helping children with learning difficulties. Our tailored approach unravels learning challenges, fostering growth and success through our expert educational services with a focus on "Early Intervention" for children between ages 2 and 6 and "Educational Therapy." for children above 6 years.

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Early Intervention Program
(Ages 2 - 6)

Our "Early Intervention Program" illuminates the way for parents who wish to support the early years of their child's growth affected by learning difficulties.

Statistics worldwide show that around 10% of the world's population suffer from Dyslexia while at least 1 in every 10 children under the age of 18 have one or more learning difficulty. Recognizing and addressing these challenges in the tender formative years of early childhood makes all the difference in helping them manage and circumvent their learning difficulties as it's a lifeline to untapped potential.

Through our unique and individualized approach, we are able to help children with such difficulties navigate around them in their early years which builds the foundation for their success in the years to come.

Educational Therapy
(Ages 6 & Above)

Every child has their unique strengths and it is the responsibility of us adults to identify them and help them navigate their childhood while nurturing their talents. This applies even more so for children with learning difficulties. While they struggle to keep up in some areas in comparison to regular children, that does not mean they are in anyway dumb or stupid. In fact, studies show that these children tend to have a much higher IQ than normal children. But, the way they see and perceive things around them is slightly different.


This is where "Educational Therapy" can help identify their strengths and create customized ways to help these children study and learn things in a way that's ideal for them, where traditional and conventional ways of education taught at schools fail to achieve.

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The "Un"schooling Program
(Ages 6 - 14)

This program is more than just a home school. It's an environment tailor made for children with dyslexia that helps unshackle them from the tethers of the rigid systems employed by traditional schools and break free from the corporate conveyor belt which is the current education system.

The "Un"schooling program is all about empowering your child's ability to explore learning at their own pace. It's not just about lessons and textbooks; it's about igniting the flame of curiosity, fostering creativity, individuality, self confidence and encouraging a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

The program aims to bring out and hone the hidden potential of children with dyslexia and provide them the individual support required to ensure their future success.

What Parents Think

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