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Audiblox is a system of cognitive exercises, aimed at the development of foundational learning skills. A foundational skill is not the same as a process, strategy or technique. The difference between these can be explained by using the game of basketball as example. In order to be a basketball player, a person first has to master the foundational skills, e.g. passing, dribbling, defense, and shooting. Only after that can he be taught strategies or techniques. Audiblox develops and automates the foundational skills of reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and the skills required in the learning of subject matter. A list of the most important foundational skills addressed by Audiblox includes:

Concentration, Accurate perception, Visual discrimination of color, foregroundbackground, form, size, and position in space, Visual analysis and synthesis of position in space, Auditory discrimination of foreground-background, and position in time and space, Auditory analysis and synthesis of position in time and space, Decoding and integration of information, Visual closure, Imagination, Visual memory, Auditory memory, Sequential memory, Short-term memory, Long-term memory, Working memory, Concept of numbers, Reasoning, Logical thinking, Fine motor coordination, Gross motor coordination, Sensory-motor integration

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