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Rx for Discovery Math

Rx 4 Discovery Math is a program specifically intended for students in grades K-5 who would benefit from early intervention or whose basic math skills are below expected standards.


Rx 4 Discovery Math builds and strengthens number sense, math fluency, math vocabulary, and problem-solving strategies within three 30-minute or two 45-minute weekly small group sessions. Students who need to master basic number sense skills as well as those who rely on procedural understanding without a conceptual understanding would benefit the most from this program.

Students will be challenged to apply their growing understanding of number sense to novel problem-solving activities that challenge thinking and reasoning. Hands-on, research-based, number sense activities will be utilised as the core content in this dynamic intervention while mediation, Socratic questioning, and strengthening of cognitive functions will serve as the core methodology. In this dynamic intervention, students’ foundational math concepts are strengthened while their thinking and problem-solving skills are definitely challenged, all within an atmosphere where math anxiety is reduced and thinking is maximised.

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