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Search & Teach

SEARCH and TEACH is an internationally recognised early intervention program that ascertains the need of young learners before they experience academic failure and its associated emotional consequences.


SEARCH was developed as a screening instrument for children ages 63 - 80 months. Its most effective use is in scanning children during kindergarten or early in first grade in order to determine their learning styles and needs. SEARCH is based on both clinical and statistical research that focuses on neuropsychological skills basic to reading and the language arts.

TEACH is a resource book of instructional methods that build a child’s pre-academic skills specific to reading and the language arts. As the companion instructional element of the SEARCH & TEACH program, TEACH provides the rationale, the step by step methodology and the teaching materials necessary for intervention with children who are found to be vulnerable to learning failure as determined by SEARCH. TEACH organises a program of learning according to an individual child’s SEARCH profile. As such, TEACH considers a child’s strong and weak academic areas and prescribes appropriate instructional tasks basic to reading and the language arts.

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